Tuscan Square

Physical Address 

5297 South 31st Street

Temple, TX 76502

About Us

All of our beauty specialists own and operate their own independent businesses. For more information on pricing, scheduling and services provided, please contact your stylist below. 


Become Your Own Boss

Owning and operating your salon suite is a lot closer than you may think. 

Available Stylists


Suite 103



Suite 103A

Monday-Saturday by Appointment Only 

(p) 254-718-1548

Kim Hay.jpg


Suite 103F

Tuesday-Saturday by Appointment Only 

(p) 254-913-9509

Black and White Patter_Shutterstock.jpg

Jennifer Pittman 

Suite 103B

By Appointment Only

(p) 254-563-1764



Suite 103D    

Monday-Sunday by Appointment Only 

(p) 254-742-7775


stephany wells

Suite 103B

(p) 254-780-5980


Suite 105

Whitney Olson.jpg

Whitney Olson 

Suite 105A

(p) 760-567-8725

Lacy Lanig.jpg

London Wilson

Suite 105E

By Appointment Only


Jill Reed.jpg

Jill Reed

Suite 105FG


Lindsey Kocsis.jpg

Lindsey Kocsis 

Suite 105FG




Jeffrey Ellis

Suite 105H

By Appointment Only 

(p) 254-541-5149


Carmel kalisky

Suite 105B

(p) 707-917-0036


nicole melde

Suite 105A

(p) 254-231-7988


Suite 107


Tana Lara

Suite 107A

By Appointment Only


Amanda Page.jpg

Amanda Page 

Suite 107CD

(p) 254-654-7781



Suite 107B

Tuesday-Saturday by Appointment Only 

(p) 254-931-2801


Gina matherly

Suite 107E

(p) 817-437-4379


Hannah hernandez

Suite 107D

(p) 254-231-7569


Suite 117

Kelly Fitzgerald.jpg


Suite 117A

Tuesday-Saturday by Appointment Only 

(p) 254-541-1661

About Kelly

Kelly has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. She spent several years in New York City as a hairstylist and make-up artist. Kelly loves volunteering at Temple Civic Theater with the hair and make-up department.

Randi Burba.jpg


Suite 117D

By Appointment Only

(p) 254-931-8190

About Randi

Randi has been in the industry since 2008. She loves her job because she gets to make every person that sits in her chair feel great. She like to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles by going to continuing education classes and bringing them back for her clients. She specializes in color, cut, styling and facial waxing.

Taffin Gibson.jpg

Angelica Munoz

Suite 117E

By Appointment Only 

(p) 254-316-8907

Maria Hudkins.jpg


Suite 117F

By Appointment Only 

(p) 254-718-0968


Laramie Chaffin

Suite 117BC

(p) 254-718-8999


Suite 135


Victoria Tovar

Suite 135

(p) 254-624-1290

Holly Hussey.jpg

Holly Hussey

Suite 135

(p) 254-760-9662

Rosa Jenkins.jpg

Rosa Jenkins

Suite 135

(p) 254-217-3391

Ana Dalton.jpg

Anna Dalton

Suite 135

(p) 254-624-3125


Krystal Dawson

Suite 135

(p) 512-887-0721


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