About US

Our mission at the Salons at Tuscan Square is to break down every barrier to entry in creating a new business. We want more entrepreneurs out there, so we have removed the burden of finding a salon location, signing a long-term lease, and sourcing financing for beauty equipment. We've eliminated the distractions so that you can focus on what you do best, providing the services and experience that you love for your coveted clients. In addition, we are here to compliment your beauty services by marketing and helping create a wonderful and peaceful salon experience for your clients. We've done the heavy lifting, it's your time to become the boss. 

What we provide

  • Shampoo & Sink Chair 
  • Styling Chair 
  • Styling Station 
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 
  • Wifi 
  • Cable*
  • Studio Suite With Lock & Key 
  • Washer & Dryer 
  • Restrooms For Stylists & Guests
  • Ample Parking Space

*May increase rent



It's your company, take the reins 

Set your own schedule. Set your own pricing. Provide the services you do best. Oh, and work with the products you trust and recommend! 

Financial Security 

100% of the profit is, well, yours! 

Make it Yours

It's your space and your brand. Customize and create your own suite to reflect your new professional business.



We've Done The Ground Work, Now Become the Boss